Airline Support - Overview
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IAGO specialises in bespoke training packages for airlines wishing to insource expertise or outsource all elements of crew training. Whether you need a specialist instructor for a one off training event or a dedicated  team to carry out your recurrent training; from  initial CRM through to TRE standardisation we are a turn key solution.

Examples of our projects include;
A340-A330 CCQ

A330 Line Training

ETOPs Training

B747 Recurrent Ground School Training

A340 Recurrent Ground School Training

B757 Type Rating/Operator Conversion Courses supporting ACMI operations

A320 Operator Conversion Courses supporting ACMI operations

Provision of TRE resource for A320 recurrent checking and training

A320 Operator Conversion Course

Provision of TREs for B737 Recurrent Training

Provision of TREs for A320 Recurrent Training

B757 Zero Flight Time Type Rating Courses

Operations Support – Construction of Oxygen Escape Routes

B757/A320 Pilot Cadet Courses

Human Factors and CRM course development and training support

IAGO has built a reputation as an innovative, forward thinking and dynamic resource provider in support of partner airlines. We pride ourselves in listening to the requirements and delivering a high quality product on time and within budget, but throughout fostering a partnership approach with the client.

We have provided training to nearly 5000 pilots in the past year through a variety of innovative solutions, these include insourcing over 3000 training days to partner airlines.